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Peer Reviewers 2015

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The Editorial Team would like to thank the individuals listed below who generously gave their time and expertise in acting as peer reviewers for the Journal in 2015.

Abdala, Nadia

Abedi, Parvin

Afolabi, Ebenezer

Akintomide, Hannat

Antelman, Gretchen

Appiah, Nana Yaa

Armitage, Catherine

Astbury-Ward, Edna

Aztlan-James, Angel

Bacon, Lesley

Bahamondes, Luis

Baird, Aisling

Baldwin, Maureen

Bari, Sarwat

Bastos, Francisco

Bednarczyk, Robert

Belfield, Toni

Bhatia, Ramya

Black, Kirsten

Blume, Alison

Bourne, Adam

Briggs, Paula …

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