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‘Sexuality, Sexual Health and Religion Today’: a presentation for the Royal Society of Medicine by Dr Rowan Williams, Lord Oystermouth and former Archbishop of Canterbury, London, UK, 21 July 2015
  1. Susan Quilliam
  1. Writer, Broadcaster, Consultant and Trainer, Cambridge, UK;;

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The impetus for this presentation began in 2014 when, during the annual seminar of the Sexuality & Sexual Health Section of the Royal Society of Medicine (RSM), a passionate speaker from the floor raised the crucial issue: “But where does religion come into all this?”

The long-term response of the Sexuality & Sexual Health Section Committee will be to invite representatives of many religions to address the issue. The immediate response was an invitation to Dr Rowan Williams, former Archbishop of Canterbury and Head of the Anglican Church, to do so.

Happily, Dr Williams accepted. Equally happily, audience members turned up in droves, from a wide variety of faiths, opinions and medical backgrounds, including many members and staff from the Faculty of Sexual & Reproductive Healthcare. As Dr Williams began to speak the mood was positive, yet a little wary. …

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