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Sex By Numbers: What Statistics Can Tell Us About Sexual Behaviour
  1. Ingunn Bjørnson
  1. General Practitioner, Fakenham Medical Practice, Fakenham, UK;

Statistics from

David Spiegelhalter. London, UK: Profile Books, 2015. ISBN-13: 978-1-781-25329-8. Price: £12.99. Pages: 368 (paperback)

This book is much more than just numbers. The chapter entitled ‘Does oral sex count as ‘having sex’?’ is typical of the tone of this book. The book explores a wide range of subjects; it covers contemporary topics but also puts numbers into a historical context. Although it contains a great deal of statistical information, the book is also a very rewarding read even if one doesn't have a penchant for numbers. It is a far cry from simply being a dry book on statistics.

Within each chapter there is …

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